E524 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11

Eleven converted Apartments in this beautiful three storey Grade II listed detached corner Building extended at the rear with a sizeable rear garden

to be sold on 250 year leases from 2019

at a combined (rising) ground rent of 0.01% of GDV circa £3,500 per annum

The ground rents are REVIEWED UPWARD ONLY TO RPI EVERY TEN TEARS from 2019

with Time Not of the Essence thus late reviews back dated to the Review Date,

The Landlord covenants to Insure, Manage and recovers all costs AS ADDITIONAL RENT

The Landlord owns everything above the ceilings, below the floors and the building envelope

and can Develop as they see fit.

Lessees cannot alter their premises without the written consent of the Landlord.

This dramatic Conversion is in its early stages with PC anticipated December 2019. The Purchaser will be required to exchange contracts in a timely manner to negate the need for Section V Notices and will also agree to instruct a local Managing Agent at GRB’s direction.

This Developer’s Local Reputation is Sacrosanct.

Copy documents held electronically: OCE x 2 & Plan

Original Developer Selling

Guide Price: £80,000 + Agency Fees