E839: Campion Close, Ashford, Kent, TN25

Twelve two-bed Apartments in a modern flat roof block

sold on 125-year Leases from 1st June 2014

at a combined (rising) ground rent of £3,578.60 per annum

Eleven of the Rents are REVIEWED ANNUALLY upward only to the Halifax House Price Index


One Rent is fixed at £250 per annum HAVING BEEN VARIED AT A SIGNIFICANT PREMIUM.


A Lessee owned Management Company Insures (in joint name of Landlord) and Manages the Estate.


The Landlord owns everything above the ceilings, below the floors and the building envelope

The Lessees cannot alter their premises without the consent of the Landlord.

Section V Notices have not yet been served.


Copy documents: Draft Lease; Lease Variation; Ground Rent Schedule; Office Copy Entries.