F050: Ryefields, Bury Road, Bamford, Rochdale, Lancashire OL11

A luxury Gated Development of four Detached Houses

sold on 999-year leases from 1st January 2002

at a combined (fixed) ground rent of £1,000 per annum


The Lessee cannot erect any extension or any other building or make any external additions or alterations to the building without the prior written consent of the Landlord.

Nothing in the lease “shall prevent the Lessor from delegating the provision of the Services to a management company or other third party as the Lessor may in its absolute discretion decide”.

The services include: keeping the estate road and footpaths in good order and repair; operating, maintaining, repairing and “wherever the Lessor considers it appropriate renewing, replacing or modifying the electric gates and generally managing and administering the estate employing a firm of Managing Agents or consultants and the payment of all cost and expenses incurred by the Lessor in the running and management of the Estate and the collection of rents and Service Charges”.


Copy documents: Executed Lease; Office Copy Entries & Plan.