Under Section Five of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, as amended by the Amendments to the Housing Act 1996, a selling landlord has a statutory obligation to serve notice on at least 90% of the qualifying lessees (unless there are less than ten lessees, then notice has to be served on all but one of them) of an intention to sell; advising those lessees of the selling price with the terms of any proposed contract, and, giving those lessees two months to nominate a purchaser if they wish to take the selling landlord’s offer. Failure to do so by the landlord is a criminal offence up to level five of the criminal code. If the requisite majority of lessees do respond within the statutory time limits, then the mandate falls on the lessor to respond. We offer to guide the lessors through their legal duties at this time.

Through our utilisation of modern computer technology we are geared up to make sure the landlords to fulfil their statutory obligations at a very reasonable cost

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